Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's been so long since I actually updated from my last blog post and sorry to the few followers I did have. I'm really not sure the to update with since my SNE chase was crushed due to Black Friday. I'll just update with what's been happening over the last two months.

I did receive my funds back from Pokerstars and I can't be more thankful enough, however I did not head to Vegas to play. I decided to head to somewhere more local, Mohegan Sun, which was a way cheaper alternative for me (have bills to pay now :/). I went with my friend Matt and had more fun that expected; I admit I was somewhat nervous and didn't do as well the first day, losing about 100-200ish. I pulled through the next few days, playing way better and ended the trip up a BI playing 200NL the entire time. One of the things that did surprise me was how focused I was during the trip, I didn't even listen to my iTouch once when I was playing! 24 tabling to playing 1 table is quite the adjustment, but without another source of income, I was determined to win.

Yeah, so I had a good time and will be heading back there in two weeks or so to play in their Summer Showdown. Let's see if I can luckbox a donkament ;)

Besides that, I haven't been pokering much. I did deposit to RPM poker, but grinding microstakes is not the same lol. I'm relaxing and enjoying my time off away from poker, but I have to start getting down to business cause I need the income!

Maybe on my next blog post, I'll elaborate more on my first live experience, but for now I'll officially say my blog will have some inactivity. You never know, I might get the blogger's itch again and start updating weekly~ See ya.

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